Our Sound System Update

From your Priests, Deacon, and Liturgical Music Ministers

micOur sound system for the church was purchased through a generous donation from a long time parishioner about 9 years ago.  We purchased the speakers and the mixer equipment, wiring, installation, etc., along with microphone stands, microphones, music stands and cords.  We were then, and continue to be so thankful for the wonderful donation to bring our archaic sound system into the present day!!

As with any equipment, our microphones, cords and music stands have had much use and are in desperate need of an update. We have researched the costs for this and have come up with a sum total of $4,264.00 with tax and shipping.

This amount would give us 4 new musician’s & singer’s microphones ( priced at $550.00 per mic), 1 cordless microphone that we use for the altar (priced at $800.00) , 4 new microphone cords ($25.00 a piece), 3 new microphone stands (priced at $120 each), and 3 new music stands (priced at $50.00 each). (This does not include tax and shipping.)

We are asking all of you to prayerfully consider a donation to purchase these much needed necessities for our sound system.  Any amount would be so appreciated.  You can place your donations in the regular collection baskets – Please stipulate on your checks “for microphones” or place in a separate envelope and mark “for microphones”. Thank you in advance for your generous donations.  We will purchase the equipment when we have the full amount.