For Adult and Youth (7yrs and older) Baptism: Contact Religious Education at (562) 988-6855

For newborns to 6 yrs old:

The Baptism Team
Bill & Nora Mueller
Jay & Razell Guevara
Gabriel Bonoan
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PRE-BAPTISMAL CLASSES: Held every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm-9pm at the Parish Center-1st floor. Please park at the basketball courts. NO children/pets allowed.
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BAPTISMAL CEREMONIES: Held every 4th Sunday of the month at 2:30pm in the Church.
All paperwork must be turned in prior to the Baptism.
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DIRECT ONLINE PAYMENT TO CHURCH: If you would like to pay the Baptism Fee of ($100), you can do so directly thru our Faith Direct Online link below:
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Join the Baptism Team:
To insure the growth of our Catholic Christian Faith and Tradition, this ministry conducts Pre-Baptismal Preparation with the goal of catechizing couples and preparing  them for their child’s baptism. The faith that is given a child is a gift of God, but experienced through the parents and the community.  Infant baptism can only be significant if parents, aided by Godparents, guide and expose the child to experience in faith the presence of the Holy Trinity as an important, alive and meaningful God in their life.
This ministry is seeking 1 to 2 more couples to join the Ministry.  Once a month one couple leads a weeknight baptism class (2NDThursday of the month) for parents and godparents that is 90 minutes to 2 hours long.  Details on the sacrament of baptism and the ceremony are presented along with group discussions on specific ways the parents and godparents will support their child’s faith journey.   During the monthly baptism ceremony (4th Sunday of each month), one couple checks in the families, hands out baptismal certificates, and assists the celebrant (mainly Deacon Carlito de Los Reyes) with some of the readings and altar responsibilities such as lighting candles, moving oil etc.  Months are rotated between the couples in the ministry with monthly time commitments of four to five hours.  Depending on the number of couples, each couple would volunteer between 3 to 6 months per year.
Maybe God is calling you to be a member of our team to help teach, inspire and prepare families so that their children can enter our Church and become members of the Body of Christ.