Bible Study


I am happy to inform you that we begin our bible study on Thursdays from 7:00PM- 8:30PM. Since we can’t go for our regular Class room Bible Study due to covid19, we are going to adapt ourselves to an online bible course joining the ‘zoom’ meeting application. You can download the application in your computer or phone clicking the link:

In order to activate and join, you will be asked to sign in by giving the following information:

Meeting ID: 991 7414 7604
Password: 3955

You can also listen by phone, listen to the prompts, by calling: +1-669-900-6833 , 99174147604 , #, 3955#

Lesson materials will be e-mailed to you*, posted below, and will also posted in our Bible Study Group Page on Facebook. Please join the Group Bible Study Page on Facebook for last minute news and updates. Bible Study Facebook page:

*If you would like to be added to his e-mail distribution list, please send a request, directly to:


SYLLABUS:  Bible Study in Winter 2021  // Opening Prayer for the bible study



Message from Fr. Bernard:

Dear Bible Study Students,

Hope you are doing well. Hope you remember that we planned to have a graduate celebration at the end of our bible study on the gospel of John by awarding you with a congratulatory certificate for your active participation and successful study through 10 weeks. Due to unending concerns of Covid19, we are unfortunately unable to meet in person and have a real celebration as we planned. However, we want to award you all for your participation.

We therefore would like to send you the certificate for your active participation and successful completion of our bible study on the gospel of John. Hence may I kindly request you to send me your Name and Surname for printing and also your mailing address. I would appreciate very much if you could send it at the earliest after reading this email.

Our staff members like always are there to print them and send them to your address as early as possible. We would also be glad to award all attendees even if you have missed few lessons due to your family events and work commitments. Hence don’t hesitate to send us your name. After all, we want to be like St. Barnabas (Son of Encouragement). You may inform your friends too. Looking forward to receiving your email soon to this email:

Blessings –Fr. Bernard Santiago

Extra Resources:

We found these BIBLE TABS helpful to label and to easily navigate through your personal bible.

Catholic Bible Tabs in rainbow colors

Catholic gold-edged Bible indexing tabs