Faith Instruction Classes for adults

Faith Instruction Classes October 15th through November 19th in the Parish Hall From 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm

Oct. 15th
TOPIC:  The Teaching of Jesus
TEXT: Fr. Robert Barron’s “Catholicism,” pp. 36-60
STUDY GUIDE: Carl Olsen’s “Happy Are We” (Lesson 2)
DVD: Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism (Episode 2)

Oct. 22nd
TOPIC:  Mary, the Mother of God
TEXT: Fr. Robert Barron’s “Catholicism,” pp. 88-115
STUDY GUIDE: Carl Olsen’s “Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast” (Lesson 4)
DVD: Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism (Episode 4)

Nov. 5th
TOPIC:  Christ and the Church
TEXT: Fr. Robert Barron’s “Catholicism,” pp. 143-171
STUDY GUIDE: Carl Olsen’s “Union of Christ and the Church” (Lesson 6)
DVD: Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism (Episode 6)

Nov 12th
TOPIC:  The Communion of Saints
TEXT: Fr. Robert Barron’s “Catholicism,” pp. 195-223
STUDY GUIDE: Carl Olsen’s “A Vast Company of Witnesses” (Lesson 8)
DVD: Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism (Episode 8)

Nov. 19th
TOPIC:  Prayer
TEXT: Fr. Robert Barron’s “Catholicism,” pp. 224-249
STUDY GUIDE: Carl Olsen’s “Prayer and the Life of the Spirit” (Lesson 9)
DVD: Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism (Episode 9)

Classes are conducted in a friendly, small group setting along with other adults with the same interest. If you would like to come to a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith, please call our Parish Office at (562) 424-8595 for more information and to register.

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