St. Barnabas: 80th Anniversary Celebration

St. Barnabas, awake in us a renewed vigor and see You as we strive to bring faith, hope, and love more alive in our parish.

Above the front doors of our church building are the words: “To the glory of God in honor of St. Barnabas.”

Help us, dear Patron Saint, to glorify God through our life and in this parish.


80+ Years of Service

As we celebrate the 80+ years of St. Barnabas Parish, we pay special homage to the founders, priests, families, men and women of all ages, colors, cultures, and economic levels. We praise them for their stalwart dedication to their faith and to our parish, their selfless giving of time, creativity and money in helping form the vibrant parish community we have today.
We especially celebrate the guidance, love, honor, prayers, dreams, loyalty, and devotion of Father Thomas J. Foley, our first Pastor. As Father Foley said on the 25th Anniversary of our Parish in 1964, “We are indeed deeply indebted to the parishioners and to those who came in the later day and gave generously of their means toward building our church … and toward the spreading of the faith. It is my sincere home that the work we do today can be carried on in future years so that St. Barnabas may continue to have a place of honor and respect in the community.”

— Rev. Antony Gaspar (Pastor)

80th Anniversary Prayer

Gracious and Loving Father,

We praise you and bless you for your Holy Presence in our midst! With gratitude and joy we thank you for your countless blessings lavished upon our St. Barnabas Parish Community for the past 80 sweet and memorable years. With grateful heart we pray that you embrace in your kingdom all our founding members and all those who bore witness to you in our parish.

As we continue with our journey of faith, bless us with your grace to deepen our faith in you. Fill us with your wisdom that we may continue to become more Christ-like and Christ-centered individuals, empowering us to bear witness to you in our personal, family, religious, and civic life.

Give us the courage to make right choices in accord with your will and teachings, and thus bring glory to you in all that we say and do.

Inspires us to share our spiritual blessings with one another. Empower us to cheerfully share our material blessings for the physical and spiritual growth of our Parish, and for the needs of our unfortunate brothers and sisters.

Finally, dear Lord, we earnestly ask you to change the hearts of our sisters and brothers who do not believe in you. Bring them to your house to worship you and bear witness to you! Thus, we may continue to grow as a vibrant parish community in your Holy Name!

We ask this through the intercession of our Patron saint St. Barnabas, and our Blessed Mother Mary. And, in Jesus name we pray!