Register as a Parishioner

Welcome and thank you for registering at St. Barnabas Parish. Please fill out the following information so that we may include you and your family in our directory. To be an “Active” member at our Parish, is to participate in the life of prayer and stewardship. Being a parishioner enables a person to be eligible to sponsor a child for Baptism, to receive financial aid for Catholic Education, to be Married in the Parish, book a Funeral/Memorial Mass and to prepare one’s children for the Sacraments. All adults over the age of 21, living with their parents or on their own, are encouraged to register in the Parish to be considered members.
The use of the offertory envelopes may also help you to qualify for tax incentives. We are also encouraging our Parishioners to sign-up online via Faith Direct for your donations. (

PLEASE FILL OUT ONLINE FORM BELOW, or you can print out a hard copy of the form and mail it directly to Faith Direct. [click here for printable form]