Anointing of the sick

To request for a Priest to visit you or your loved one for “anointing of the sick,” please fill out the form below. Indicate if it’s an Emergency: (i.e. on their death bed, in the hospital & not sure if they’ll make it, etc.) Non-Emergency: (i.e. an upcoming knee surgery, recently diagnosed with cancer, etc.)

Due to the pandemic situation, if the person needing anointing has COVID-19, we may have to decline sending one of our Priests to visit, or they may have to do it from afar, and not come into the house/room. It is up to the individual Priest’s discretion on how they want to do it, due to their safety and comfort level.

Thank you for filling up the above information. You will receive an E-mail or phone call to confirm your date/time of when one of our Priest’s will come out to give the anointing.

Call or E-mail the Church if you need to cancel your appointment date/time. / 562-424-8595

Donations can be made via online thru our Faith Direct link:

(Memo/Notes: “Anointing”)

*Important Note: If the person needing the anointing has COVID, our Priest may have to decline on visiting, due to the safety of their health and well-being. Thank you for your understanding regarding this situation.