We welcome you to take part in our parish in helping with the need of our church. Please feel free to contact any ministry leader to find out how to get involved. Below are a few requirements and  documents mandated by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. These requirements must be completed and approved by our Parish Administrator prior to the event or day of volunteering (or representing) for St. Barnabas Church or School.

Additional information about Volunteer requirements is posted under the Safeguard the Children and Youth tab.


We need essential volunteers to help us as we slowly re-open our Church. You need to be reliable and committed to volunteering for this HOSPITALITY CREW! Our Church will not be able to re-open without your help!

[ We are mainly looking for low-risk people 60 years or younger, who can move swiftly & diligently ]

ALL VOLUNTEERS will receive Personal Protective Equipment.

Click on the sign-up genius button for more information. Choose which Mass(s) you are able to come help us. Thanks for your assistance.

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