Special Prayer List for Fathers

June is a special month where our Parish celebrates all Fathers (& Spiritual Fathers), living or deceased. If you would like to add your Father’s name(s) on our special prayer list in honor of them, fill out the information below. This list of names get printed and placed near the Altar to be prayed for, during the entire month of June. Names also get added and featured on our webpage, below! (Note: This is not a Mass Intention. You’ll need to book that separately from this list. You can book Mass Intentions here, or call our Parish Office at 562-424-8595, or e-mail: church@stbarnabaslb.org.)

Donations can be made directly via online Faith Direct: https://membership.faithdirect.net/givenow/CA794/36038


Holy Fr Pope Francis
Archbishop Jose Gomez
Regional Bishop Marc Trudeau
Fr Antony Gaspar
Fr Bernard Santiago
Fr Sebastian Venni
Pedro Salas
Gilberto Topete
Everardo Canchola
+Thomas M. Skeren
Thomas M. Skeren Jr.
+Stanley Gilewski
+Paul Artanis
+Ricardo Samudio
+Jarloth Curran
Thomas Gilewski
Chris Sarmiento
Sencio Baylen
Andres Paraiso Sr
Jaime Sarmiento
Antonio Montuya
+Anthony Supancheck
+James Navskog
John Supancheck
Paul Supancheck
Gregory Supancheck
Bem Cleverdon
Joe Dornoff
Rey Nufable
Nicomedes Guiritan
Jon Nufable
Jesus Nufable
Vincent Nacanaynay
Tuscani Tirado
John Rey Guiritan
Nicholas Guiritan
Hilario Cloa
Rory D
Bill Dobberpuhl
Matt Dobberpuhl
Steve Kenyon
Doug Blubaugh
John Fries
+Jack C. Dow
+Jack Fries
+Glenn Bryan Coons
+Ralph Kenyon
+Fred H. Fries
+Chester Daw
Margarito Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez
Frank Espinoza
Ruben Espinoza
Jerome Mickalogak
Chris, Menandro and Mike Legaspi
Harry and Ryan Sibayan
+Alejandro Limbaga,
+Edgardo Limbaga,
+ Alexander Limbaga
Laniakea Rafalovich
Scott Martin
Ali Smith
+ Dan Rafalovich
+ James Huskey
+Oscar Urian Contreras
Marty Dumo
Cesar Cudal
Randy Perry
Dan Paraiso
Val Paraiso
Albert Long
Johnny Pascua Jr.
Eric Pascua
Bryan McKim
Jason Hanson
Manny Castro
Marc Atienza
Duane Domingo
Desmond Domingo
Patrick Madriaga
Rey Nufable
Jon Nufable
Vincent Nacanaynay
John Rey Guiritan
Nicholas Guiritan
Tuscani Tirado
Hilario Cloa
Elpidio Andrion
+ Ruperto Guiritan
+Francisco Guiritan
+Miguelito Guiritan
+Nicomedes Guiritan
+Jesus Nufable
+Juan Bolano
Greg R. Valdez;
William Valdez
James Jischke
Vincent Jischke
Melesio Reyes
Ricardo Kaire
George Rodriguez
John Moreno
Arturo Garcia
Al Pascarella
+ Fidel Silva
+Marcelino Cabuhat
Luis Pizano
Marco Pech Sr.
Marco Pech Jr.
Brandon Tanori
+Rodolfo Pizano
Jaime Pizano
Jesse Pizano
Victor Castelo
Jared Dandie
Carlos Espinosa
Chuck Tanori
Jim White
+Juan Pizano
+Antonio Pizano
+Jose Hernandez
+Jose Pech
+Rodolfo Morales
Alfonso Pascarella Sr
Andrew Guillen
Joe Cantu
Walter Scott
+Pete Torres
+Robert Ahle
Joe Ahle
Brandon Beck
Billy Kudron
Jesse Moreno
Joel Ramos Carbajal
Joel Ramos Correa
Francisco Moreno
All our Parish Priests
S.E. Corleto
D. Passi
All Fathers living & deceased

St. Joseph, husband of Mary and earthly Father of Jesus, is the model of fatherhood. His faith and obedience to God inspired his devotion for his family. The significance of St. Joseph’s presence in Jesus’ life, reminds us how important Fathers are in our lives.