Sacrament of Reconciliation and 1st Communion for Youth

All Parents of Sacramental Prep children receiving their sacraments this May 2017, are required to attend all 3 meeting. You are exempt if you attended all 3 meetings within the last 3 years. Please call us to verify you are exempt or send an email that includes the year attended the classes and the name of the child.

Childcare will NOT be provided. Please make your own necessary arrangement.

1st Reconciliation & 1st Communion (2nd Yr of Prep)
Class of 2017

Classes started Sept. 25, 2016 for your 2nd Year.

We would like to extend to you a warm welcome to the Sacrament Preparation. Preparation is a 2 year process starting as early as 1st grade.
This is an exciting, growth-filled, prayerful year for the family and child(ren) who have completed their 1st year of preparation, and will be receiving their 1st Reconciliation in February of 2017 and their 1st Communion in May 2017. Our Parish sacrament ministry provides all of our children in the parish, both Religious Education families and St. Barnabas School families, the opportunity to participate together in this sacrament-filled year.
Please refer to the Sacrament Preparation Handbook below for further information.